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Good Sites Buying Used Cars in Europe

Europe is a great place to buy and sell used cars. Not only are there lots of dealers that specialise in used cars located in Europe, but the rules and regulations that govern the sale and purchase of used cars ensure that people are likely to get a good deal. Here is a selection of Europe’s largest sites that buy and sell used cars.

This is Germany’s largest online vehicle marketplace and is an excellent place to sell and buy used cars. People who are wishing to sell their vehicle simply need to enter a few details such as the make, model and license number and their vehicle will be listed along with the other used vehicles on the company’s website. Vehicles are arranged by age, type and price, making it easy for people to find exactly what they are looking for.

Auto Scout 24

This site features a collection of more than two million used vehicles located in Europe, making it one of the biggest European dealers around. There are special sections on the site to make searching easy and visitors can search by country as well as make, model and mileage. It takes just a few minutes to register a used car for sale with Auto Scout 24 and users of the site can track interest from potential buyers easily.


More than eight thousand auctions are held by BCA in Europe each and every year, and this is a great place to buy and sell used cars. Although BCA is based in Germany, they organise auctions throughout Europe, meaning that people who are planning to sell their used car will never be far away from the next big auction.


This leading supplier of cars for hire recently starting dealing in top of the range used cars. People who wish to buy or sell a premium used car in Europe will find the Europcar site easy to navigate. The company provides dedicated teams in various countries throughout Europe that help to explain the process for buying and selling used cars and make sure that everything runs smoothly.

Cars on the Web

This specialist site is provided exclusively for professional car dealers and traders who are looking for used cars. As a result, Cars on the Web is always searching for used cars in Europe to advertise on their site, meaning that people who are hoping to sell a used car are sure to get a great deal.

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Three Sites That Buy Luxury Cars in Europe

Luxury cars are the creme de la creme of the automobile industry. From vintage classics to modern day supercars, luxury cars need to be bought and sold in the right environment. If you reside in Europe and you are thinking of selling your luxury car then it can be tough to know what dealer to go with. We reveal some of the most respected and quality sites that buy luxury cars in Europe.

Romans International

Based in England, this specialist luxury car dealership offer some of the most prestigious luxury cars for sale including iconic cars that have been on the big screen and several rare Aston Martin models. The ‘Sell Your Car’ section on the website explains in more detail the buying process. They will pay top prices for your luxury car, and they can part-exchange or even offer an outright purchase with immediate payment. They also offer a brokerage service and act as the middle men if you wish to sell your car on the market. Check out the Romans International website.

International European Motor Group

The highly respected International European Motor Group dealership specialize in selling some of the most prestigious cars in the world, including big names like Jaguar, Ferrari and Lamborghini. You can list your car for sale on their easy to navigate website, or browse through their luxury cars if you are thinking of purchasing one.

DuPont Registry

DuPont considers itself the world’s leading luxury marketplace. Not only do they sell some of the most exclusive luxury cars online, but they also sell luxury houses and elite boats. The DuPont website is slick and easy to use, and it lets you browse through all of the classic cars that they have for sale, or list your car at a few clicks of a button. These are considered to be among the best luxury car dealers in Europe. They offer much more privacy and security compared to if you were to sell your car yourself. You may one to approach several dealers to see who will offer the best price for your used luxury car. Good luck.

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Good Sites for Buying Equipment for your Garage Online

People who are setting up their own garage will need a wide range of equipment in order to get things running smoothly. Finding the right equipment at great prices can sometimes be tricky, so here are details on some of the top sites where you can purchase equipment for your garage.

Stringo is the world’s leading developer of producer of vehicle movers and they feature a large selection of top of the range vehicle movers that are designed for people who run and operate professional garages as a business. All of the machines that are supplied by Stringo can be adapted to the individual needs of the customer and each of the models comes complete with a wide list of options for customers to choose from. Customers who have specific requirements can contact the company directly and can be sure that they will receive a personal yet professional service.


This popular company is a leading supplier of a wide range of different types of garage equipment. Halfords has gained a substantial reputation over the years for their high quality products, which come complete with guarantees and are available to ship anywhere in the United Kingdom. Some of the types of garage equipment that Halfords offers include welding supplies and air tools, tyre inflators and pressure gauges, auto electrical supplies and a whole host of different types of power tools and accessories.

Garage Equipment Supply

As the name suggests, this company specialises in supplying high quality yet affordable garage equipment. The site features full colour photographs as well as detailed descriptions of all of the products that are available to help make shopping as simple and painless as possible. The company is rated A+ with the Better Business Bureau, which makes Garage Equipment Supply a company that their customers can depend on.

Made in China

This site specialises in products that are made in China and features a large garage equipment section for people to browse through. One of the main advantages of shopping for products on this site is that they tend to be cheaper than on other sites, while the quality is still high. In addition, the site offers products that are difficult to find elsewhere, while they offer low shipping costs and a wide range of special deals and discounts to help people who are search for garage equipment to save even more. Some of the top products that Made in China offers includes post car lifts, automobile collision repair frames, car body repair benches and auto painting spray booths.

Costco Wholesale

Costco is famous for supplying must-have products for less, and the products that are available in the garage equipment section of their website are no exception. People who find what they are looking for in the Costco warehouse are treated to even further savings, while regular deals and discounts are also offered here. Products are divided into categories to make shopping simple and some of the categories that are available include tools and equipment, wet and dry vacs, garage door openers and garage storage.

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Good Sites Buying Car Parts Online in Europe

Europe is a great place to buy car parts online. Not only does the continent feature a large number of specialist dealers, some of the biggest dealers in the world also have set up sites selling car parts in Europe. Here are some of the best sites to check out.

Euro Car Parts

This dedicated dealer offers parts and accessories for any make and model of car. The company offers over 132,000 car parts to choose from, and searching for the perfect part is simple. In addition, Euro Car Parts has more than 180 shops located throughout Europe. People who visit one of these shops can opt to have their choice of car parts fitted directly onto their vehicle if they wish.

Buy Car Parts

This site is located in the United Kingdom and offers customers quality car parts coupled with competence and a good price. In addition, the company offers residents in the United Kingdom free shipping on large orders as well as secure and easy payment options. Buy Car Parts provides car parts for all of the popular car makes and models and this is a company that customers can have confidence in.

Best Part Store

This UK site offers a wide range of top quality original spare parts for all brands of car. In addition to very reasonable prices, the company offers a fast delivery service. The Best Part Store search engine also makes finding exactly what you are looking for smooth and simple. In addition to shopping online, customers who have questions or are looking for something a bit special can contact the company’s hotline to speak to a sales person directly on weekdays.

Part Sale

This European site specialises in difficult to find car parts from around the world. In addition to all of the most popular car parts from big brands, they also offer a large selection of parts from smaller brands as well as models that have long since gone out of production. People who are planning a special remodelling project on an old car will find that Part Sale is a great place to shop for the parts they need to complete the job. The company also carries a selection of specialist oils and accessories and they guarantee low prices. The company was established in Latvia in 2004 and quickly moved into the rest of Europe, providing car parts for thousands of people each and every year.

Autohaus AZ

This German site has been supplying car parts to various destinations throughout Europe since 1979. Autohaus AZ is able to use its strong connections in the motor industry to supply a wide range of different car parts at prices that are difficult to beat, complete with the German dedication to customer service and after care.

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